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Vojtěch Preissig (anglicky) - Lucie Vlčková
Vojtěch Preissig (anglicky) - Lucie Vlčková
Krátky popis Diskontní produkt Vojtěch Preissig (anglicky) - Lucie Vlčková od výrobce Arbor vitae u nás najdete zlevněný od 608 Kč
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Arbor vitae
EAN 9788074670329
The publication sums up current knowledge and for the first time presents the complete facts on Preissig’s rich body of work as a designer, which encompassed a wide range of activities, from bespoke graphics, to work on books and periodicals, to creating ornamental patterns and designs, right through to typography Preissig’s American period includes the key time he spent teaching at the Teachers College of Columbia University in New York and in particular at Wentworth Institute in Boston, his work for a number of publishing houses, and finally his successful war posters, assessed here for the first time within the context of his work as a whole The publication traces the fate of the artist and his work within the context of his era, and looks back reflectively on Preissig’s work during his individual creative periods These are presented in chronological order, from his Parisian period, characterised by the influence of Alfons Mucha on Preissig’s work and his discovery of the craft of graphic design, to his Prague period, a time of bold ambitions culminating in disillusion and in the collapse of his own studio, followed by the ‘American dream’ period, interrupted by the First World War, and then eventually presenting Preissig with the dilemma about returning home, and finally his ultimate turn towards a new vision, the optimistic pursuit of which was however definitively thwarted by the onset of the Second World War
Nakladatelství Arbor vitae
Jazyk angličtina
Počet stran 222
Typ Paperback
Autor Lucie Vlčková
Rok vydání 2013
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