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Upbeat Pre-Intermediate Motivator
Upbeat Pre-Intermediate Motivator
Krátky popis Diskontní produkt Upbeat Pre-Intermediate Motivator od výrobce Pearson u nás najdete po slevě od 430 Kč
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EAN 9781405889667
The Motivator is divided into units which correspond to those in the Students' Book Each unit finishes with two Roundup activities designed to revise language The book contains a mix of puzzles, problem-solving exercises and information-gap activities which provide extra, lively and stimulating material which can be used in class as a short fun reinforcement of language *Extra, lively, stimulating material for class use *Photocopiable activities for every A, B and C lesson in the Students' Book *Puzzles, problem-solving exercises and information-gap activities *Roundup activities to revise the language in lessons A, B and C *Authentic material types (eg maps, menus, notices and signs) *Individual and pairwork activities *Songs with accompanying activities *Teaching notes and Answer key at back of the Motivator
Nakladatelství Pearson
Jazyk angličtina
Počet stran 80
Typ Paperback
Žánr ELT Course Materials
Země vydání United Kingdom
Rok vydání 2009
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