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Safe Harbour
Safe Harbour
Krátky popis Neodolatelný produkt Safe Harbour od výrobce Transworld Publishers Ltd u nás najdete téměř zadarmo od 207 Kč
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Transworld Publishers Ltd
EAN 9780552149914
Extraordinary acts of faith and courage unite a family after a tragedy threatened to tear them apart. At eleven, Pip Mackenzie's young life has already been touched by tragedy; nine months before, a terrible accident plunged her mother Ophelie into inconsolable grief. But on a chilly July afternoon in San Francisco, Pip meets artist Matt Bowles, who offers to teach the girl to draw - and can't help but notice her beautiful, lonely mother. Matt Bowles senses something magical about Pip, who reminds him of his own daughter, before a bitter divorce swept his children halfway across the world. At first, Ophelie is thrown off-balance by her daughter's new companion - until she realizes how much joy he is bringing into their lives. As Matt confronts unfinished business from his past, and Ophelie is struck by a stunning betrayal, out of the darkness that has shadowed them both comes an unexpected gift of hope.
Nakladatelství Transworld Publishers Ltd
Jazyk angličtina
Počet stran 432
Typ Knihy - paperback
Rok vydání 2004
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