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Oxford Photo Dictionary Anglicko-český
Oxford Photo Dictionary Anglicko-český
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EAN 9780194313766
English level: Beginner to Intermediate - all ages A topic-based, full-colour photo dictionary Key features Over 2,400 words (both British and American English) presented in lively, colour photographs Clear and logical layout allows the student to move easily between the photographs and wordlists Wide range of topics including: the family; the human body and clothes; the home and the city; shops and food; money and the bank; school and work; travel; sport; animals 12 pages deal specifically with grammar: verbs (8 pages), contrastive adjectives (2 pages), and prepositions (2 pages) 15 pages of practice exercises for use in class or for self-study Index with phonetic (IPA) transcriptions Can be used by students on their own or by language teachers as a vocabulary-building resource Other bilingual editions available A topic-based, full-colour photo dictionary
Nakladatelství OUP ELT
Jazyk angličtina
Počet stran 144
Typ Paperback
Rok vydání 1992
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