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Oxford Bookworms Library 4 Gulliver´s Travels (New Edition)
Oxford Bookworms Library 4 Gulliver´s Travels (New Edition)
Krátky popis Unikátní produkt Oxford Bookworms Library 4 Gulliver´s Travels (New Edition) od výrobce OUP ELT u nás najdete po slevě od 146 Kč
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EAN 9780194791731
Published 2009 Intermediate to Upper Intermediate CEF level B1/B2 - 1,400 Headwords Oxford Bookworms enjoy a world-wide reputation for high-quality storytelling and a great reading experience Research shows reading a lot improves all your language skills Experts recognize Oxford Bookworms as the most consistent series in terms of language control, length, and quality of story - very important for fluent reading and extensive reading There's a wide choice of titles too - something for everyone 'Soon I felt something alive moving along my leg and up my body to my face, and when I looked down, I saw a very small human being, only fifteen centimetres tall I was so surprised that I gave a great shout' But that is only the first of many surprises which Gulliver has on his travels He visits a land of giants and a flying island, meets ghosts from the past and horses which talk
Nakladatelství OUP ELT
Jazyk angličtina
Typ Paperback
Rok vydání 2009
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