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Organizational Culture and Performance
Organizational Culture and Performance
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Surveys of economically successful businesses shows that the soft factor “organizational culture” contributes to their success It leads to interest in organizational culture with a desire, to use this potential in business practice An important result are also the findings that there is a direct interrelation between culture and success that is measurable, but there are only few really practical and useful models for the enterprises The aim of this scientific monograph is to present a set of indicators that can be used to monitor organizational culture, its relation to success and performance of the enterprise, and incorporate objectives into overall strategic management The publication presents the characteristics of organizational culture from different authors, the possibilities of its formation to achieve the desired change Organizational culture is examined in relation to business performance Explained are the concepts of overall business performance as well as employee performance and the interrelation of performance and corporate culture These conclusions are based on data in the subject area identified by the secondary survey as well as by its own primary survey The result of the work is complex of indicators whose use may vary depending on the sector and the type of business The performance indicators relate to the individual aspects of the organizational culture (its orientation, dimensions), allowing the company to set specific goals in line with the company’s long-term goals and to track their values that indicate the performance of the business in the field Individual indicators are intertwined, influence, and relate to multiple dimensions of organizational culture
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