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New Challenges 2 Class CDs - Lindsay White
New Challenges 2 Class CDs - Lindsay White
Krátky popis Kvalitní a levný produkt New Challenges 2 Class CDs - Lindsay White od výrobce Pearson u nás najdete v akcii od 575 Kč
Obvyklá cena
  • 575
EAN 9781408258521
New Challengeshelps students become more effective learners and better citizens of the world through personal development The information-driven approach in New Challengesencourages teenagers to think about the world around them and provides lively achievable tasks, building their confidence, creativity, participation and performance With New Challengesteachers make lessons educational, successful and fun!
Nakladatelství Pearson
Jazyk angličtina
Formát 141 x 125 x 25 mm
Autor Lindsay White
Žánr ELT Course Materials
Země vydání United Kingdom
Rok vydání 2012
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