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Integrated System for Risk Assessment - Richard Kuracina
Integrated System for Risk Assessment - Richard Kuracina
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A hazard evaluation is an organized effort to identify and analyze the significance of hazardous situations associated with a process or activity Specifically, hazard evaluations are used to pinpoint weaknesses in the design and operation of facilities that could lead to chemical releases, fires, or explosions Risk assessment is currently an important safety tool used in industry It serves as a tool for increasing the level of safety Several techniques are available to identify hazardous situations, all of which require their rigorous, thorough, and systematic application by a multidisciplinary team of experts The desired result can be achieved using the appropriate combination of methods The combination of risk assessment and risk management methods is appropriate for assessing the safety of each sphere of human activity Each method is designed to achieve a certain result The methods are designed to complement or use the results in another method The resulting system combines selected methods of risk identification, risk analysis and risk management into one tool The computer application Unified risk analysis and management system designed and presented in this monography is universal and easy to use In the Unified risk analysis and managment system, deductive (Fault Tree Analysis, MORT) and inductive methods (FMEA, HAZOP) are used, supplemented by some specific methods and procedures (Inherent Safety, Kletz´s approach) The Unified risk and management system was created in the Calc editor of free Libre Office package and leads the analyst through individual risk analysis and management methods to achieve the desired result Unified risk analysis and management system focuses on the important risks and the record of the results The outcome is a comprehensive overview of information on risk assessment, analysis and management
Nakladatelství Aleš Čeněk
Jazyk angličtina
Počet stran 118
Typ kniha
Autor Richard Kuracina
Rok vydání 2017
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