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Highly Recommended 2 Workbook
Highly Recommended 2 Workbook
Krátky popis Neodolatelný produkt Highly Recommended 2 Workbook od výrobce OUP ELT u nás najdete výhodně od 328 Kč
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  • 328
EAN 9780194577519
English level: Intermediate English for the Hotel and Catering Industry A new level of this highly communicative course for trainees in the hospitality and catering industry Highly Recommended 2 provides students with simple, functional language for dealing with customers and colleagues in a variety of situations It offers a straightforward approach to developing speaking and listening skills in the context of the hotel and catering industry Key features Topics reflect real-life situations Structured speaking activity at the end of each unit Clear focus on key functional language and topic-related vocabulary Language review sections with additional explanations and 'Test yourself' exercises for consolidation 'Glossary' and 'More words to use' help develop specialist vocabulary
Nakladatelství OUP ELT
Jazyk angličtina
Počet stran 64
Formát 278 x 220 x 4 mm
Typ Paperback
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