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Good Discussion and natural english interaction
Good Discussion and natural english interaction
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Aleš Čeněk
EAN 9788086898469
The text is divided into two main parts The first provides guidelines for understanding group dynamics, participating effectively in group discussions and being a good discussion leader The second part provides many examples of words, phrases and sentences commonly used by English speakers to perform a variety of communicative functions, such as expressing beliefs and opinions, agreeing and disagreeing, asking for clarification and interrupting The ability to use a wide range of such expressions appropriately improves not only communication skills, but also the fluency and naturalness of the speaker´s language This text is intended for use as a supplement to English conversation and advanced speaking courses, particularly those which use small group discussions as a means of practicing natural English interaction Although the text focuses on the dynamics of small group discussions, much of the advice given also applies equally well to pair and whole-class discussions In fact, it should be useful as well to anyone interested in improving their discussion skills in settings other than the classroom, both as a group member and as a leader
Nakladatelství Aleš Čeněk
Jazyk angličtina
Počet stran 84
Rok vydání 2005
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