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Ferrari (Collector’s Edition)
Ferrari (Collector’s Edition)
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EAN 9783836565776
*Leather cover, 324 x 432 cm, 514 pages; enclosed in an aluminum display case designed by Marc Newson A production unparalleled in scale, this massive tome offers unrestricted access to hundreds of photographs from the Ferrari Archives and from private collectors, to reveal the full story behind Ferrari’s protagonists, victories, past, and future Edited by journalist Pino Allievi and enclosed in an aluminum display case designed by Marc Newson, this unique work features a complete appendix gathering all of Ferrari’s victories since 1947Collector’s Edition (No 251–1,947), each numbered and signed by Piero Ferrari Few are the men and brands that have come to define a century For seven decades and counting, the Italian powerhouse founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1947 has made an indelible red mark on popular culture and enraptured fans and collectors across the globe Synonymous with beauty, excellence, and unmatched desirability, the Cavallino Rampante lives on as the driving force in high-performance Gran Turismo, the conqueror of impossible challenges A project conceived in close collaboration with Ferrari, this massive tome is a veritable collector’s piece A production unparalleled in scale, it features exclusive content from the Ferrari Archives and private collections around the world, bringing together hundreds of unseen photographs and documents to reveal the unique story behind Ferrari’s victories, its protagonists, and its legacy Limited to 1,947 signed and numbered copies, this handcrafted leather-bound and hand-stitched Collector’s Edition is enclosed in a Ferrari motor–inspired aluminum case designed by Marc Newson The Art Edition (No 1–250) is elevated by a sculpture evocative of the 12-cylinder engine in hand-bent, flared chromed steel, also by NewsonCollector’s Edition (No 251–1,947), each signed by Piero FerrariAlso available as an Art Edition (No 1–250), with a sculptural bookstand by Marc Newson, signed by Piero Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne, and John Elkann Features: Unprecedented access to the Ferrari archives, and those of private collectors, including hundreds of unseen photographs, drawings, and sketches Original documents of famed Ferrari drivers Never-before-seen appendix gathering all of Ferrari’s victories since 1947 The author Pino Allievi is an Italian writer and journalist For years, he has documented the world of sports cars, both as a commentator of Formula 1 for Rai and writing for the likes of La Gazzetta dello Sport Working with Enzo Ferrari, Allievi wrote Ferrari Racconta, the founder’s last work He has authored several books not only on the history of cars, but also on its greatest heroes, whom he often knew personally Allievi was a recipient of the journalistic prize Dino Ferrari, awarded by the creator himself  Limitovaná a sběratelská vydání knih nemusí být dostupná okamžitě skladem Dostupnost ověříme a potvrdíme po přijetí objednávky případně na dotaz
Nakladatelství TASCHEN
Jazyk angličtina
Počet stran 514
Typ Vázaný
Rok vydání 2018
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