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Dominoes 3 The Last of the Mohicans (2nd)
Dominoes 3 The Last of the Mohicans (2nd)
Krátky popis Exkluzívní produkt Dominoes 3 The Last of the Mohicans (2nd) od výrobce OUP ELT u nás najdete zlevněný od 151 Kč
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EAN 9780194248181
Dominoes is a full-colour, interactive readers series that offers students a fun reading experience while building their language skills With integrated activities and on-page glossaries the new edition of the series makes reading motivating for learners Each reader is carefully graded to ensure each student reads from the right level from the very beginning
Nakladatelství OUP ELT
Jazyk angličtina
Počet stran 84
Formát 210 x 148 x 6 mm
Typ Paperback
Rok vydání 2010
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