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Business Environment in the CEE Region
Business Environment in the CEE Region
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The monograph “Business Environment in the CEE Region - Trends and Perspectives” analyses, explains and describes noteworthy and significant trade and investment opportunities for companies from all over the world in the CEE region The text concentrates on the principal differences on the CEE markets and identifies opportunities and risks found on these markets The author provides a systematic overview of general economic conditions for the development of trading and investments in the 21 CEE countries, strictly adhering to the factual description of the facts and their practical usability at the microeconomic level The chapters in the monograph are organised by country names with the aim to answer the following key research questions for each country: What are the most important and publicly well-known reasons why foreign companies should trade with or invest in a particular country; What are the basic macroeconomic indicators and regulatory instruments of a local government directly affecting the trade and investment relations of the country with abroad; What are the actual trade and investment opportunities in the CEE countries; What are the recommended modes of entry into the CEE markets; and What are the business ethics and etiquette principles to conduct business deals in the CEE countries successfully The author of the monograph, Dr Jaroslav Halík, attempted to answer these research questions in the form of analytical expertize, and formulated his conclusions in the way that might be of help in business practice The primary recipients of the text are multinational companies and their management Furthermore, the author believes that students of business colleges and civil servants working at municipal and/or central level of the civil service can also enjoy the book
Nakladatelství KEY Publishing
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Počet stran 163
Typ Knihy - paperback
Rok vydání 2018
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